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  • Introducing: flokah! Tuesday June 14th, 2016 @ 9:11pm

    The flokah project (located at flokah.com) has gone through 3 stages of development. The first was more than 10 years ago, when we first started creating invoices. The system was very simple back then, having only the ability to create clients and invoices. It was called cConsole; “Client” Console. At that time, Simply Accounting cost […]

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  • Past, Present and Future, 2016 Friday May 27th, 2016 @ 11:54pm

    Over the past few months, we have been hard at work at client-offices, and on multiple client projects. We finally had a chance to revisit ubudget.ca, as that project has not been touched in over 2 years. Not only has the look and feel changed, but the name as well. “ubudget” falls short when defining […]

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  • Scheduled Downtime – Adding RAM & Server Software Updated Tuesday May 27th, 2014 @ 6:10pm

    We completed a huge software update yesterday, starting at 5pm and completing at 2am EST. This update provided an updated cPanel, and newer versions of MySQL, PHP and Apache, while also providing the Apache module DEFLATE. DEFLATE allows you to compress output which decreases load times for your users! If you would like DEFLATE utilized […]

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  • Inventory Management Monday February 17th, 2014 @ 4:48am

    In the next few weeks we will be releasing several updates to ubudget, including additional changes to mobile views and a small Inventory manager that will replace the SKU field in the Point-of-Sale (POS) module. This replacement will not cause any issues with previous POS-based invoices, as they will still utilize the SKU field until […]

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  • The Mobile Budget Sunday January 26th, 2014 @ 10:16am

    Today marks the 6 year anniversary of ubudget, and on this special occasion we bring you some insight into our development goals of 2014. Our first goal is to redevelop the entire ubudget interface so all content and forms can be easily read and used on your mobile devices.  Instead of developing and releasing everything […]

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  • Stock Quotes Wednesday January 15th, 2014 @ 1:00pm

    ubudget now offers a simple interface to keep track of stocks.  This feature can be found in: Reports > Stocks.  We plan to expand more on this feature in the future. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggitEmailPrint

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  • Payment Integration Complete Monday October 21st, 2013 @ 3:19pm

    You may now subscribe to ubudget for $7.95/month, recurring.  This subscription effectively removes the “c/o ubudget.ca” from all correspondence you send out through the ubudget system. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggitEmailPrint

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  • ubudget v0.5b is in the works! Monday August 5th, 2013 @ 3:04pm

    Now that v0.4b has been released we are now working on v0.5b, which has some very nice enhancements to look forward to: Features Homepage video: we will be creating a video that will show a brief run-through of ubudget and how to setup your account. Custom Fields: Clients, Projects, Work/POS Logs and Invoices will all […]

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  • ubudget v0.4b Changelog Saturday August 3rd, 2013 @ 7:34pm

    Since the release of the Document Builder, we have been working on a number of features and fixes: Journals: The main feed should now be more accurate in terms of recurring dates and periods. Projects: Projects can now have 1 to many child projects. The project settings page now has an additional option to Track […]

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  • Kanban Phases Example Saturday August 3rd, 2013 @ 4:53pm

    The following image provides an example of how you can setup a simple set of Kanban Phases. Top-level phases should be ordered starting from 1, and similarly so should each set of sub-phases. This setup ensures proper promotion and demotion of a project within a phase or sub-phase. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggitEmailPrint

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