About Us

flokah (originally named ubudget) was built by interactivepoint solutions (iaps) to directly facilitate their small business management needs. As a freelance/contract-based company, they needed something simple and flexible to organize the company financials, with the ability to easily generate the statements at tax time.

Current Features

  • Calendar provides an overall look at your recurring billings, invoices deadlines, and when recurring expenses are due. This calendar can also sync to and from your Google Calendar.
  • Clients manages all your client details.
  • Projects can be assigned to clients, which helps organize Work Logs and aids in creating project-based invoices.
  • Billing:
    • → Create an Invoice can be done on a client or client-project basis.
    • → Accounts Receivable displays all your invoices, outstanding or otherwise. This section provides you the ability to view the invoice in html or pdf format, and email the invoices out to your clients.
    • → Configure Taxes allows you to create the taxes you utilize. We currently do not support tax-on-tax (Quebec) but we plan to in the very near future.
  • Work Logs are the building blocks for invoices. Create work log entries when you services are rendered, then create an invoice based on your work logs.
  • Recurring was added to manage the web hosting service we offer.
  • Journal entries can be an Asset or Expense your company incurs. Expenses show up on your calendar and all Journal entries can be used to create reports (eg. projections).
  • Budget can be used to quickly assess your spending habits.
  • Reports can be built from Work Logs and Invoices. This tool is perfect for tax time!
  • Documents and document templates can be created and downloaded as PDF's. Each document can make use of placeholders to quickly substitute Client, Project and User information. read more
  • Add-ons are currently unavailable, but we do have several planned and in development. Check back soon!
  • Settings:
    • → Company Settings describe and personalize your company profile. These values are used to auto-fill invoices and other correspondence.
    • → Logo Settings permits you to upload a logo, or reference one via URL.
    • → General Settings allows you to configure your Invoice numbers, Client ID's, Invoice footer message, and email messages.
    • → Subscription Settings allows you to setup or discontinue your ubudget subscription.


The following flowchart describes the inter-connectivity of all current features:

Best of all, it's FREE!

We are providing this system to you, for free, with the added benefit of having us maintain and expand on its' features. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, but please note that there is no guarantee or eta's available for any functionality requests (custom or otherwise).

A FREE account provides access to all features! However, if you choose to purchase a monthly subscription at CAD$7.95/mo, you will be ad-free, and your client emails will not be branded "c/o flokah.com".