Current Version & Change-log

Version Release Date Description & Changes
0.0.8 2017/03/11

Previous version post-launch fixes, and user-setup notifications for new users.

  • Users are now notified, via alerts, when they have not yet fully configured their account.
0.0.7 2017/03/11

Minor dashboard revisions.

  • Added Inventory/Recurring Cost/Amount summary to dashboard.
0.0.6 2017/02/02

Minor dashboard revisions

  • Added Accounts Receivable summary to dashboard.
0.0.5 2017/01/09

Recurring Services now uses another field's value when converting to a POSlog: Invoice Details, while the `Details` field can be used to store private information about the service.

  • Added `Invoice Details` to Recurring Services. This field is now used as the POSlog description when converting a Recurring Service to a POSlog.
  • Fixed Dashboard - Recurring Services
0.0.4 2016/08/01

  • Added `Date Payment Received` to Invoice.
0.0.3 2016/07/08

  • Added URL to Project details.
0.0.2 2016/06/17

Minor bug fixes.

  • Fixed issue with the `templates` table.
0.0.1 2016/06/12

The day became Multiple changes occurred post-relaunch, including functionality, security and UI changes.

    0.0.0 2011/12/02

    init. The day it all began.